Roz Gladden

Originally a native of Derby, Councillor Roz Gladden came to live in Liverpool with her three children, Michelle, Robert and James after meeting her current husband, Councillor Roy Gladden at the Labour Party Conference, Bournemouth in 1985.

Roy also has four children, Ian, Susan, Jeanette and Jacquie and they all lived together in Roy’s home in Clubmoor. All Roz and Roy will say about that time is. “It wasn’t like the Walton’s!”.

Roz worked for local government for over 20 years in both Derby and Liverpool, firstly as a Building Surveyor and then as a Project Leader finally leaving the authority in 1995 before working for several Members of Parliament until being elected to the City Council in 2003.

Over the last 13 years Roz has been involved with Social Care and Health as Spokesperson, Chair of the Committee or as Cabinet Member and has overseen massive transformational change during this period despite budget cuts.

Roz and Roy have many grandchildren and love spending time with them when not at work in the Council.

They also have a motorhome and two dogs and like nothing better than piling into the van and heading off to pastures new and have enjoyed many adventures in the UK, France, Spain and Germany.